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This halloween, do something different. Go get a drink in a haunted bar. Where better to tie one on than somewhere you can also listen for strange noises. And even if you hear them, you'll always wonder if it was the booze or the spirits (meaning ghosts, not hooch).

For the past six months we've been filming historical bars around the United States, and in that time we've heard a lot of ghost stories in the places we've filmed. But, the following interviews are from those that we felt were particularly strong. If you're in the area, go by and drink enough to believe it yourself.

1. Simon's Tavern, Chicago, Illinois

Simon's Tavern is one of Chicago's premier haunted bars, and there's been a family cover-up. It doesn't have anything to do with the current owner, Scott Martin, but the previous owners that he bought the place from. A tragic love affair and death leads to some hurt feeling from the undead, who now chooses to haunt the large mural in the bar. Go by late, have a few and see if you can feel the presence of the miffed lover.

2. Bridge Cafe, New York, New York

Bridge Cafe is one of the best haunted bars in New York. Right next to the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, and just three blocks from the water, it's haunted by any number of it's past visitors. It's been a drinking place since 1794, a brothel in the 1800's, and a haven to pirates and other hooligans. Now, one of those people, or their victims, is spending their time creeping out the manager, Adam.

3. Room 242 in the Hotel Congress, Tucson, Arizona

While filming the Tap Room at the Hotel Congress, we learned about its notorious past and it's current reputation as a haunted hotel in Tucson. Opened in 1919 it became famous when in 1934 a fire started in the basement. Saved from their room, a few of the tennants bribed a firefighter to retrieve their...unique luggage. Turns out the luggage was $25,000 in cash and some Tommy Guns. They were the gang of none other than John Dillinger. Both he and his gang was subsequently rounded up and hauled off to the hoosegow. We learned, though, that hauntings are frequent, and that room 242 is particularly active.

4. The Ghost Room at Double Eagle de Mesilla, Mesilla, NM

The Double Eagle has one of the most opulant bars we've been too (transported from the Drake Hotel in Chicago). But it's also one of th most authentic haunted restaurants (or haunted bars) we've ever visited. While filming, the manager, Jerry, told us about their ghost room, so we had to see it. This room really is pretty creepy. We don't often get freaked out but while filming here the newly charged batteries for both our video camera and digital still camera died in just minutes. In fact, the digital still camera went through two batteries in about 5 minutes trying to take pics just in this room. Weird. Anyway, definitely recommended.


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