Created by Courtney Randall this tasty drink is a new twist on the original Stork Club cocktail of the 1940s.


The Bee's Knees was a prohibition era favorite made with honey and lemon juice. One can guess that the honey and lemon juice was used to mask the nasty flavors of the common bath tub gin that was so prevelant during the period.


The Manhattan cocktail is probably one of the easiest cocktails to make and remember. It is as simple as 2-1-2, 2 oz whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth and 2 dashes of bitters. And 2-1-2 just so happens to be Manhattan's area code.

Originally created in 1915 the French 75 is a perfect drink for a hot summer day. Just keep in mind, like its namesake, it kick licke a 75 mm Howitzer.


Below you will find the old fashioned recipe for an.....Old Fashioned. Much more simplistic than today's standard recipe it is a great way to enjoy a fine bottle of your favorite Rye or Bourbon.

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